The first Super Bowl for the Giants came in the 1986 season. That year they noted an improved record of 14 wins with only 2 losses. This is the best season record the Giants have ever earned. The team was a perfect combination of offense and defense. It showed when they took home the biggest prize in the game that year. They played the Broncos in the big game & winning by a score of 39 – 20. The MVP of the game was Phil Simms who set a record with an 88% completion percentage 22 of 25 passes. Of course during this time Bill Parcells was the head coach.

The Giants next Super Bowl Victory would have to wait until the 1990 season when they earned a regular season record of 13 – 3 and set the NFL record for fewest turnovers in a season. They had no easy path to the bowl that year either having to walk over the 49ers who were trying to win the big game for an unprecedented 3rd straight time. Eventually they were victorious edging out the Bills 20 – 19. Again Bill Parcells was in charge of the team during this time as well.

It was not for some time that the Super Bowl Champion Giants would make it back into the lime light. They would have opportunities but none would be successful until they made it to the Super Bowl for the 2007 season. They had a fantastic season and all of the ingredients were in place for a great run into the playoffs. Giant fans were frantic trying to buy tickets for the playoff games.

Meanwhile the Giants worked on setting a new record for consecutive wins on the road, eventually reaching a new high of 10 straight. The Giants organization did something during XLII most thought was impossible, they beat the undefeated Patriots who had 18 wins that season and no losses. The Giants were behind during the game at one point 10 points but made a fantastic stand to claim the biggest prize in all of sports. Eli Manning was named the MVP of this game. Some would say that it was they greatest victory the Giants have ever had.

The 4th and final Super Bowl victory came during XLVI in the 2011 season. Once again the playoffs were hard and they had to beat several qualified teams to reach the Super Bowl. But in the end it was the Giants and the Patriots once again. The rematch was set and though the Patriots were not coming off of a perfect season they were fully prepared to take to task the team which snatched the ultimate victory from their grasp. The Patriots were still not equal to the task when all was said and done. The smoke cleared and the Giant won with a score of 21 – 17. Eli Manning was pronounced the MVP again, taking his team to victory over the patriots for a second straight effort.

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