Okay, so if you happen to be a priest or my mother, stop reading now. I got enough headaches.

Everybody else, huddle up,  just a little story.

When I was a kid, I had this friend who was actually my cousin Paulie. He lived over in Bayonne, so you know he knows what’s what.

So Paulie is always trying to get me to bet against the Giants, and it woulda come to tears (a nice way of saying that I woulda made him eat his own knees, starting at the big toe) if the Big Blue Wrecking Crew hadn’t found that Heaven-sent miracle in the form of Bill Parcells. So finally I says to him, Paulie, for crying out loud, let me bet on who I want to bet on, kay?

And then like five years later I hear he’s got mixed up with some low-level family types and got sent up for three to five. He never was a smart guy, that Paulie. But he did have the right idea about betting, just the most wrong that anyone could be about how to go about it.

So when he first took me to Vegas, you know, before everything that I just told you went down, you coulda colored me impressed with a whole box of crayolas. It’s like, back home I’d be placing a bet and always looking over my shoulder. Now doing it just kinda freaked out the mook behind me in line.

So fast-forward like seven or eight years and then you got this Internet. Whoa! I swear to God, like the first time I ever saw or heard of it I was saying: man, I’ll bet that would be great for putting money down on games. And was I right or was I right?

I mean, when a guy like me can just hop on the ‘net at 2 in  the morning and play at a USA casino site or put some money down on tomorrow’s game — no bookies, no crowds, no worries about getting paid or paying up — that’s as good as I can imagine it.

Be careful when getting involved in online betting. It can become addictive & create problems in life for the best of us. If you find yourself in this position, there is no shame in asking for help. The hardest thing to do is recognize you have a problem. The rest will come naturally if you want to fix it. There are professional services aimed at helping you with this but relying your own support structure can help greatly as well. Your family & friends should be able to help you through a tough time such as this.

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