Sometimes we would buy whole collections of cups or footballs or such that had every team logo on an individual item… That is all over now. I will never spend money on a company full of cry baby millionaires complaining that they are being held down.

Now the NFL is actually kicking the idea around that they will just not show the National Anthem on TV or Maybe they will not allow any players to take the field until the National Anthem has been played. Unacceptable! This is not an acceptable alternative by any means. They think that by ignoring the controversy they can make it go away but the truth is that the NFL uses government funding for too much to allow this to happen.

The NFL gets government funding to make the armed forces look good. They actually want to not only keep the funding they have received but are looking for continued support moving forward. In addition to these funds the NFL is asks for funding for their stadiums. They finance them on tax payer dollars. There is no way, shape, or form that the American People will continue to allow an organization that spits in their face to get rich on their backs. These are just some of the reasons that I STAND.

When you come to the last reasons why I cannot condone the acts of disrespect regarding our flag & national anthem, you find the most important reasons. There are so very many children that have grown up without a father or mother. So many people have lost their brother or sister, Husband or wife. So very many sacrifices have been made by people laying down their life to serve the greater good that the United States of America stands for. These families have paid the ultimate sacrifice but they are by no means the only ones sacrificing.

Just think if you will about the men and women that have lost limbs instead of giving their life. Imagine if you will the life one must live after making that sacrifice for their country. They must have special treatment and their family must make severe adjustments. they spend a life paying the price it costs to be a free country in a free world that is not perfect but makes strides in the right direction at every opportunity.

We have not even scratched the surface of the added effect of battle on soldiers that were never even injured in the line of duty. These people are still left with life long mental scars that effect them and their life for years. In some cases they live their whole life without the ability to live a “normal” lifestyle that others take for granted on a regular basis.