Football is one of, if not the most popular sport there is. (My husband disagrees and tells me that online slots may be the big cahuna now. He’s become and “expert” in popular sports once he found – a referral site that lists the hottest slots, etc. Always be wary of spousal claims when they have the glimmer of slots obsession in their eye!) In this game two teams meet to try to score more points in a 60 minute game than the opposing side. There are several ways to score in the game. The game is played on a field with 100 yards between goals & an up-right post at each end of field. We begin by deciding which team gets the ball kicked to them first. This team will have the first offensive opportunity to score. Once the ball is kicked off the fielder will catch the ball to try advancing across the field of play. He continues until the opposing team tackles him to the ground or he makes it to the goal on the other side of the field of play. Once the player is tackled the offense will have 4 downs to try moving the ball at least 10 yards to reset the downs. This is continued until one of several things happen. A score can be made by the ball breaking the plane of the goal giving that team 6 points as well as the chance to kick the ball through the up-right for an extra 1 point or the ball can simply be kicked through the upright for 3 points. The defense can also take the ball away through an interception or fumble & have the chance to bring their offense onto the field.
This is continue for 2 15 minute quarters after which there is a 15 minute half time for the teams to regroup & alter game plans if they choose. This is done in the locker room. After half time the game resumes & the team that originally received the ball at the beginning of the game kicks it now to the opposing team. They have the chance at that point to move the football forward in an attempt to score. The game continues until a winner is decided in most cases. There are 4 regulation 15 minute quarters but additional quarters are often added to rectify the problem of a tie. If overtime is called for each team gets the chance to touch the ball no matter what. If the first team scores then the opposing team gets the chance at least once. After each of them touch the ball in overtime if the score is still tied then the next team to score a point in any way will win the game. There are 16 regulation football games during a season. There are 4 pre-season games before the season starts which do not apply to the overall season record. There are also playoffs at the end of the season for the finest teams in the league to battle out a champion via a tournament.

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