Okay, so you want to know who I use when it’s time to put some money down? Apart from my cousin Paulie (who really don’t do that kinda thing no more), here are my #1 picks for the best places to go to wager on sports. Notice Atlantic City isn’t on here anywhere. Why? Because they haven’t got their heads out of their butts and made it legal yet, that’s why.
  • BetUS — no doubt about it, the best of the bunch. I put a lot of money on sports, and many years of experience have led me to put at least 75% of it right here. For a better betting experience, you’d have to take a trip to Vegas…and even then, you’re not going to find the lines, the convenience, and the variety that you’ll find at BetUS. Of course, BetUS doesn’t have cocktail waitresses bringing you complimentary drinks, but it also doesn’t require a plane ticket, time off from work, a hotel room, et cetera. You be the judge.
  • Sportsbook.com — everything I just said? Same goes. But throw in a bit of extra info (hey, not everybody is as well-read and up-to-the-minute as me, so that’s a plus for the rest of you) and some very tempting and unusual bets that you won’t find anywhere else…what?! They have Manning at 20/1 to get the most passing yards this year, and that bum Tony Romo is at 12/1? Who comes up with these things…oh yeah, and keep me bookmarked for when it’s time to choose between online casinos accepting US players, especially Webmoney casinos.
  • SportsBetting.com — now this is what I like: the $100,000 challenge. I tried it last year and got spanked, and now I know why. But I’m not going to tell you, because I don’t want everybody and their mother figuring it out. But I’ve got a foolproof method. Yeah, yeah, I know I said that last year, but there was one small flaw, which is now fixed. Add this to the bundle I plan on winning at the Superbowl, and you’re talking to a guy who is going to be a millionaire by Valentine’s Day 2011. And maybe by then I’ll even have a girl to spend it on.

Seems like everywhere you turn now there is another sports-book popping up. The key to success if finding one you are comfortable with. Sure it is a reputable site. Some of them also offer great incentives for joining or for playing with them. Watch for these incentives because they can make a real difference in the amount of bang you get for your buck. Which can make all the difference in the world if you really think about it.

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