Giants Fan

Yep, that’s me. A big-time NY Giants fan since for ever I can remember. The only thing I like even half as much as the Giants is my mother, and that’s not always. Slightly less than my mother but about twice as much as anything else is sports betting, which goes good with the Giants but not so much with my mother.

So I’m sitting here on this balmy day in Acadia, Australia. I’m traveling for a couple of months in Australia and have stopped to spend a few days with a former college room mate who lives in the town of Acadia. We just returned with his mum from a tour of local gardens, something my mother would have loved, and I am reading a news clipping about. We visited her “garden” which turned out to be 2 hectares in size. Just in case you don’t know how large a 2 hectare garden is…it’s four acres! So the foliage and flowers were ok, but I would have much preferred a good Giants game. Apparently, she is pretty well known not only as a gardener, but also as a local celebrity with her donations to local charities and churches. My former room mate’s mom thinks she is great. Anyway, let me get back on track here. I’m wondering what the heck I’m going to do with all of this priceless Giants knowledge that I got stored up in my skull. Seriously, I got so much information that one little knock on the head just right could make it explode like that guy from Scanners. And believe me, I’ve had offers.

So I figure, well, they always say you should do what you love, and I’ll pop the first guy that makes a crack about my mother. I swear to God. Seriously, though, I figure that with my ultimate knowledge about the Giants and my almost-ultimate knowledge about sportsbooks, I got it made, right?

Forget about it. It came to me like one of them visions you’re always hearing about. I mean like divinely inspired. If the roof had lifted off and a choir of angels started singing “Giants and Sports Books,¬†Hallelujah” it couldn’t have been more clear and not to mention huge. What is the top USA? Give me something harder.¬†You want to know about USA online casinos accepting Webmoney? Done.

So that’s what this is. Well, not this, because this is just sort of a “get to know ya” page where I tell you all about myself, which you probably don’t even realize yet but you’ve been missing something until now. And that something, if I have to spell it out for you, is me. You’ve heard of God’s Gift to Women? Well I’m God’s Gift to People Who Want to Know All About Sportsbooks and the Giants.

And you can take that to the bank and see if it sticks.

** Update **
There is plenty of reason to join the ranks of the finest fans that sports have ever seen. I am speaking to you of becoming a fan of the Giants yourself. The team themselves have accomplished some of the most difficult feats imaginable. They have reached the pentacle of their sport & walked away victorious 4 times. There are not a lot of teams who can claim the same. They call one of the greatest places on the planet home & the core fan base is un-comparable to most other sports teams around the world. Come walk the line of a proud Giants fan with me. You will surely enjoy many benefits.

Latest Updates

2011 Prospects

Well, 2010 was a painful season for all of us. So close in so many ways.

There’s widespread agreement that the Giants had the stuff to make it all the way, or at least farther along than they did. It wouldn’t take too much tweaking to have a serious winner in 2011, but there are certain things that need to happen…

…and one of them is to hang onto the coach for a little longer. I know, not everyone is thrilled with Coughlin (I personally blame him for distracting me from paying attention to the details of my payday loan at exactly the wrong time), but think about this: where were we at the beginning of the year, and where did we end up? You can lay a lot of that right at his feet. Getting rid of him at this point would be a waste of a warm-up, if nothing else. (edit — just found out that he’s sticking around, so obviously somebody else feels the way I do!)

I may get schwinged for saying this, but we don’t have a single flawless section. Both offense and defense could use a little work. We have some solid players, plus one or two surprisingly good guys that may not get the recognition they deserve, and a handful of players whose best days are way behind them, if they even had any best days.

What we DON’T have is a big-name attention guy. It’s not Manning’s world anymore. We have a team that can hold down the fort if one or two guys get sidelined from injury or whatever (oh well, things happen, right?).

** Update **

Prospects turned out to be better than we hoped for. We ended the season with a record of 10 – 6 & entered the playoffs. The Giant enjoyed a great run in the playoffs & they made it all the way to the Super Bowl which they won. They enjoyed one of their best seasons as a team & logged their 4th Super-bowl victory. The city celebrated for weeks after the big win of course & the team joined the ranked of some of the finest football teams of all time. Of course the fun & games can only last for so long before it is time to get back to work & start planning another season. With any luck we can retain some of the talent & replace some of the guys who are retiring with upcoming players. Many of the elements are in place for a repeat but in the end only time will tell. For now though there is one thing for sure, the giants are riding high on life right now.